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Our Story

Our story begins in a far off pristine part of the planet. In New Zealand, the air is pure, the water clear and the pastures lush. Sheep roam freely, raised with care and respect. These animals weather cool winters and hot summers in coats nature designed to endure. Our products are born in this unique place.

We’ve been crafting quality sheepskins for around 50 years. It’s a tradition forged in the rugged plains of New Zealand and honed in our Napier facility. Our craft is executed with passion, honesty and an eye for detail. 

We create home furnishings, footwear, personal care and infant products designed to enhance your life with comfort. Soft to touch, they bring wondrous textures from the wilderness to the sanctuary of your home. CLASSIC sheepskins are pure, natural gifts, 100% sourced from and made in pristine New Zealand.   

What's in a name?

Classic is defined "as a work of art of recognised value" and something ‘judged over time to be of the highest quality’.

These words define our products and our brand.

Our Craft

CLASSIC New Zealand Limited, established in 1969, is a 100% New Zealand owned business. Our products are proudly 100% grown, sourced, designed and manufactured in New Zealand and licenced under
 the New Zealand FernMark™. Lic. No 100145.

We use only the finest natural components, which our artisan workers skilfully craft with love to protect the natural sheepskin properties while shaping the finest products. Choosing a CLASSIC sheepskin product provides the security of knowing it was 100% New Zealand origin and New Zealand made, using the highest quality 
raw materials and crafted with an eye for detail by the most dedicated team.

Our Team

Our team has years of experience in the primary agriculture, tanning and the wider sheepskin industry, and are able to respond to all enquires. Our cutters and machinists maintain the values of traditional craftsmanship and have decades of experience.

We love being challenged with bespoke product enquires so 
feel free to make contact at any time.

Custom Made

At CLASSIC New Zealand we aim to supply whatever you need, and offer a full custom made rug service to compliment your home with that extra luxury. We hand manufacture to order any specialty rug be it square, rectangle, circular or the shape of your choice, and in short, long or curly wool. We have a wide choice of colour and designs available. For any custom made enquiry simply contact us for some personalized help and pricing

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    We are authentic, open and honest and foster collaborative partnerships.


    We learn from nature, are respectful of our environment and work with minimal 
waste and harm.


    We are obsessed with delivering the highest comfort experience possible.


    Sourcing the finest raw materials and attending to every detail we ensure our 
products are built to last.


    We only use skins from sheep that have been farmed naturally and with minimal intervention to ensure the animals led a healthy and happy life.

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