Welcome to Classic New Zealand We are a Sheepskin Tannery and Manufacturer based in Napier, New Zealand and have been producing the world’s softest sheepskins products since 1969.

Our story begins in a far off pristine part of the planet. In New Zealand, the air is pure, the water clear and the pastures lush. Sheep roam freely, raised with care and respect. These animals weather cool winters and hot summers in coats nature designed to endure. Our products are born in this unique place.

We’ve been crafting quality sheepskins for around 50 years. It’s a tradition forged in the rugged plains of New Zealand and honed in our Napier facility. Our craft is executed with passion, honesty and an eye for detail. 

We create home furnishings, footwear, personal care and infant products designed to enhance your life with comfort. Soft to touch, they bring wondrous textures from the wilderness to the sanctuary of your home. CLASSIC sheepskins are pure, natural gifts, 100% sourced from and made in pristine New Zealand.   

To ‘do good’ by both planet and people.

At Classic, we are driven by our responsibility to nature – to honour and respect, protect and sustain – and our desire to enhance the lives of families across the world, through little experiences of luxury and comfort.

Quality first

We believe in a commitment to softness, purity and exceptional quality sheepskins. Watch our video to see how this happens.

Our Process

(1) Wash

Our hand-selected natural New Zealand lambskins
are thoroughly washed and cleaned.


Each lambskin is preserved using a salt/acid solution and cured with an organic, chrome-free white tanning solution.


For a smooth and supple touch, all lambskins are softened and conditioned
using ecologically-safe and formaldehyde-free products.


Finally, a wash with tea tree and lemon myrtle oils is used to further protect from bacteria and allergens.