Taking care of your new addition

Thanks for choosing New Zealand’s softest sheepskin and welcome to the Classic family. Our baby rugs are made from  hand selected lambskins sourced across the North Island and crafted with care at our facility in Napier. Our team of passionate  Kiwis take great pride in producing sheepskins of the finest quality to provide your baby with the safest and softest natural rug.
We’ve put together the following guide to help you care for your Baby by Classic sheepskin.

- Your new rug should arrive in pristine condition in a reusable, organic cotton duffle bag.
- We use these bags to allow the sheepskin to breathe. Don’t be surprised  if when you first open the bag, you notice a “new leather” smell.
- The rug does not need to be washed, but can benefit from a good shake and an airing.
- We recommend airing your rug in an open space out of direct sunlight,  as wool does filter odours from the environment.
- If you have any concerns about your new rug, please contact Classic directly, noting when and where  the product was purchased, and quoting the batch number printed on the leather of the sheepskin.

To contact us, click here.
Contact us by email info@classicsheepskins.co.nz or call 06 835 9662.

Caring for your Sheepskin Baby Rug

Baby by Classic rugs are easy to care for. With regular brushing, vacuuming and shaking, you’ll help to restore the pile and keep the rug free from dust. The leather side can be damaged by incorrect washing, so please follow our recommended steps to reduce the risk.

Spot Cleaning. Use a small amount of water and wool-wash as detailed below. Lightly sponge over the wool side only focusing  on rubbing through the wool and not the skin underneath. Brush to restore the pile and dry slowly in the shade.

Hand or machine washing.
(Gentle/Wool Cycle only)
- Use a small amount of an approved neutral or mild sheepskin wash. If these are unavailable, use water.
- Do not use any bleach or enzyme washing products.
- Only use cold water.
- Avoid direct heat when drying. Dry outside in the shade or inside away from heaters,
radiators or fires. If you can, use a clothes rack to lay the sheepskin flat to dry.
- Do not let the sheepskin dry out too fast, it’s best to leave a small amount of moisture in the skin.
- After the sheepskin is dry, brush with a pet brush to restore pile and finish with a solid shake.


Classic Spot Cleaner Ingredients: Cleaning – Non-ionic surfactant Dispersant – Sulfated fatty alcohol polyglycolicether Conditioning – sulfited oil comprising syntheticsperm whale oil, neatsfoot oil and coconut oil Dust mite & pet allergen – Melaleuca oil blend including tea tree oil and lemon myrtle oil.

Product monitoring

For your security, in addition to regular onsite quality checks at our Napier facility, Classic contracts the Leather and Shoe Research Association (LASRA) to test for residual agents in our rugs. This is a key component to ensure we are not registering formaldehyde  and that our results are always well below 20 parts per million. This means that our levels comply with the highest infant standards in the world and are less than those levels found in grapes (22 mg/kg) and bananas (16 mg/kg), and in the range of coffee (3.4-16 mg/kg).

All our sheepskins are proudly sourced and made in New Zealand.

General Classic New Zealand Care Instructions.

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