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Sheepskin Footwear

At Classic New Zealand we have been crafting quality Sheepskin Footwear for decades. Our Classic styles combine function and durability with a sleek styled finish. Taking the varying styles of Sheepskin Slippers, Moccasins, Uggs, Boots and our very own Snuggle Feet our range is simple, traditional and captures a refined mentality of ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken.’

The process starts with our very own ‘twin-face’ sheepskin. The process of twin-facing focuses on both the leather and the wool of a sheepskin and requires the best of our unique NZ source. Each skin is individually selected for full bodied strong leather and dense lush wool. It’s this hands-on process that gives our slippers both luxury comfort and strong durability.

We then take these special ‘tiwn-face’ sheepskins and turn them into the Classic range of sheepskin slippers and boots. This is all done on the same site in Napier, New Zealand. Being able to control the entire process ensures we can check the quality at every step. It also means all our products are entirely New Zealand made from start to finish. This means you can be comfortable purchasing, knowing every part has been free from child labour, poor working conditions and unethical working practices.


Our sheepskin slippers range from the easy on scuff to the full shoe style Elite. Our slippers are designed to last and are the perfect indoor house shoe. Most styles feature a light but durable rubber sole perfect for a trip to the letter box or out to the herb garden. With the natural benefits of wool such as odour resistant and naturally moisture wicking along with the comfort, slipping into a pair of Classic slippers will soon become part of your everyday routine.


Snuggle Feet

Snuggle Feet is a unique style of slipper we offer which combines artisan crochet detailing, super lush sheepskin and tough natural cow hide. The result is an indoor slipper which is extremely warm, comfortable and long lasting. The crochet detailing is all done individually by hand ensuring love and care is put into every pair. Classic Snuggle Feet have a following around the world with customers who refuse to wear anything else! Try a pair today and experience pure comfort by nature.

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Our sheepskin boots use only the firmest ‘twin-face’ sheepskins ensuring a strong natural shape. From the iconic Ugg Boot style available in the tall Thor Boot or the above the ankle cut Tui Boot the range is traditional and iconic to New Zealand. Not only at home our boots are used by Kiwi’s in the garage, on the boat or through the beach house on chilly mornings and nights. Shop our Sheepskin Boots knowing they have stood the test of time.


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