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Treat your feet to the comfort and quality of CLASSIC footwear. Sheepskin is highly breathable and perfect to keep your feet cool in the summer or warm, dry and comfortable in the winter. 

Our footwear is made from high quality twin face sheepskins, selected for both leather and wool quality. The range comes in a variety of styles and sizes for around the home or outdoors.

Each item is exclusively manufactured on site at our Napier facility on the North Island of New Zealand.

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Home Furnishings

Crafted for the home, CLASSIC rugs and furnishings add nature’s warmth, texture, luxury and comfort to any space. 
With a wide array of products, colours, size and wool lengths we can supply the perfect products to fit all styles of home decor. Across our range of standard and bespoke items we carefully hand select skins for matching consistency, density and texture to deliver exceptional comfort, appearance, quality and durability.

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Infant Care

CLASSIC infant sheepskins are the natural comfortable choice for babies. Our CLASSIC infant sheepskins come with the Swiss Sanitized® antimicrobial standard, signifying the absence of bacteria and odours. Our natural, highly breathable pram and cot underlays provide hygiene, safety, comfort and insulation to keep infants cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our infant footwear range is manufactured using the same high quality twin face sheepskins as our adult range.

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At Classic New Zealand Limited we have all the facilities, technical knowledge and skills to supply and manufacture any sheepskin product. Along with everyday items like car seat covers and equestrian products we regularly receive International orders from industrial and manufacturing businesses around the world.  We can supply anything from ready-to-use buffing bonnets, dusters or polishing pads or even camera lense cleaners through to large quantities of sheepskins measured by size for further manufacturing. If you have a need for any product made with sheepskin we would be delighted to help and price any product that would come with our 100% New Zealand sourced, designed and manufactured guarantee. Shop Now

Personal Care

The CLASSIC care range is designed for comfort and protection. Our products are specifically selected on wool density and resilience to maximise support and comfort, while the natural breathable fibres help with circulation and changing temperatures.

  • Bed underlays are available in all sizes. They come with a quilted underside and are super soft, providing extra and enduring comfort.
  • Wheelchair covers and armrests provide comfort when sitting for a long period of time.
  • Heal and elbow pads and medical boots are especially beneficial in the prevention of bed sores and relief from injuries and pressure points.
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